Trbovlje is a town in the heart of Zasavje that has thrived with the mining of coal from 1804 onwards. The town was characterized, in addition to the coal mine, by numerous industrial plants various activities as well as the tallest chimney in Europe which measures an impressive 360 metres and was built for the needs of the thermal power plant.

Today new businesses are developing in Trbovlje. Smaller and medium-sized, innovative and flexible companies, some of them leading in their respective industries, locally as well as globally.

trbovlje-3Trbovlje is located by the main road and the railway line Ljubljana – Zidani Most – Celje. With the new connection to the motorway network at Trojane and a well-kept road through Prebold in the Savinjska dolina, the transport connections have increased.

The town is surrounded by several one-thousand-metre mountains: Mrzlica, Sveta Planina and the highest mountain of the Zasavje region Kum, reaching 1220 metres high offering a spectacular view in every direction, all the way to the borders of the neighbouring countries. Trbovlje received the UNICEF Child Friendly City title and a document stating that the municipality is a Disability Friendly Community.

Early industrialization of the Trbovlje area conditioned extensive working areas and industrial complexes. Several of them are now empty, available for purchase or rental. Affordable prices of real estate, the immediate vicinity of road and rail infrastructures, industrial heritage and technical knowledge of the population, represent an excellent development opportunity.

The Municipality of Trbovlje  and its activities have a positive impact on the existence and further development of existing businesses and attract new companies and individuals who seek an entrepreneurial career and look for a favourable business environment for further development. The municipality provides grants for initiatives to promote the development of entrepreneurship and the economy.

The municipality also offers temporary support measures of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia totaling EUR 30 million as well as various financial incentives  of the trbovlje-5Employment Service of Slovenia.

The municipality continues to improve the craft-industrial zones, a business incubator is fully operational,  and the Chamber of Craft and Small Businesses is active.

Municipality has a positive impact on the development of the entrepreneurship and economy with one of the lowest rates for municipal contribution in the country.

We are more than happy to pay attention to every interested company and offer our full support. Therefore, welcome to Trbovlje – in the heart of Zasavje!

Some statistic data:
Surface/land area of the city: 58 km2
Population: 16,290
Nr. of  housing: 6883
The average temperature in January: 0 ° C
The average temperature in July: 20 ° C
Distance to Ljubljana: 61 km
Distance to Celje: 37 km
The distance to Maribor: 87 km
Distance to Zagreb: 106 km
Distance to Vienna: 342 km
Distance to Venice: 302 km
Distance to Budapest: 423 km